LOSD2 Seminar Schedule: Fall "Northern" Tour 2013


Hey folks, Well what looked as it was going to be a one-off Ohio Seminar has taken on the dimensions of a tour, so I'm running with it.

We currently have seminars scheduled for Saturday, September 14 in Columbus, OH, and Sunday, September 15 in Elkton, OH (the Dayton/Cincinnati area).  It looks like we may also have a seminar in the Cleveland area, and perhaps even Chicago, around the same time frame.

LOSD Fall "Northern" Tour 2013

The Dayton/Cincinnati seminar has been locked in with Mad Duck Training in Elkton, OH. When combined with the Columbus, OH seminar with GunEnvy/CB6, that makes this its own "Northern" Tour shortly before the already scheduled "Southern" Tour described above. Seems that we may have a third Ohio stop, in the Cleveland area, but will need to see how that develops.  If anyone living within 100 miles or so of the route below has any interest in hosting a seminar during the September 14-15 time frame, let me know using the form below:

[gview file="http://lawofselfdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/North-route-2013.pdf"]

For the

Columbus, OH: September 14, 2013 seminar, click here: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Only 20 13 seats available remaining.

For the

Elkton, OH: September 15, 2013 seminar, click here: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. We're starting with only 18 seats in Elkton, so don't hesitate.

I am receiving considerable interest from people who would like to host a seminar in the Cleveland area around that same weekend. If you're interested in being kept up-to-date on that additional seminar options use the form below to let me know.

Off-Tour Seminars

Seminars can also be scheduled "off-tour" at just about any location.  All seminars are conducted in cooperation with a hosting group that provides the necessary space for the seminar.  If you would like more information about hosting a seminar, let me know using this form:


I sincerely hope to meet you in person very soon… Best regards,

--Andrew, @LawSelfDefense