Kind Words of Praise from Mas Ayoob


I've long been a subscriber to the Glock Talk forum, a particularly high-quality and well-run gun forum, but with LOSD Seminars every other weekend and numerous LOSD state-specific books in the works I just don't have much time these days for visiting any forums. I was fortunate, then, that a friend alerted me to the following Glock Talk exchange:

Hi Mas,

I'm thinking of attending this upcoming seminar on the Atlanta stop.

Until I have the opportunity to attend one of your training sessions, is this one a good idea?

Thanks for all you do!


I was incredibly humbled by Mas' gracious response:

Taking Andrew Branca's class would be not only a good idea, but an EXCELLENT idea. I've known him for many years. He's one of my graduates, and more to the point, he's an attorney who focuses on this kind of issue with a passion. I thought his reportage from the courtroom in the Zimmerman case (check during the period of the trial) was the gold standard. By all means, take his course. I also recommend his new book, available through

best, --Mas

Mas Ayoob, Founder and Owner, Mas Ayoob Group (MAG)

As Mas mentioned, I'm a graduate of his Lethal Force Institute (specifically, LFI-I) way back in 1994, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  Although I had been around guns all my life, and was already an NRA Instructor at the time, LFI-I was truly a life-changing experience, and was the catalyst for what would become a career-long effort to bring the actual law of self-defense--how actual self-defense statutes and jury instructions are applied in real court cases to judge the self-defense actions of real people--to as many law-abiding gun owners as possible.

These days Mas owns and runs the Mas Ayoob Group.  MAG provides instruction on the legal aspects of self-defense, as we do at the Law of Self Defense--with, I imagine, the slight differences one might expect when one instructor has spent their life as a career law enforcement officer and the other as a lawyer.  Still, the law is the law, and I expect a Venn diagram of those aspects of our teachings would overlap considerably.

Beyond teaching the laws governing the defensive use of force, however, MAG also teaches live-fire on the range, something we simply don't touch on at LOSD.  Having had the opportunity, back when Mas lived in nearby New Hampshire, to shoot quite a few IDPA matches with Mas as a competitor--and, if I recall correctly, one of the first IDPA "Four Gun Masters"--you can be sure to walk away from a MAG class with a more secure grip on the tactical practicalities of self-defense.

In short, I'd encourage anyone with an interest in both the law of self defense and in developing self-defense tactical skills to take advantage of any opportunity to avail yourself of any opportunity to partake of a MAG course.

Then, when you take my seminar, you can give me a well-founded compare-and-contrast report.  :-)

--–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition," available at the Law of Self Defense blog, (paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (paperback and Nook), and elsewhere.

In addition to the book, Andrew also conducts Law of Self Defense Seminars all around the country, with upcoming seminars scheduled for Columbia SC (10/19), Atlanta GA (11/16), and Epping NH (11/24, at the SigSauer Academy, where Andrew is a Guest Instructor). Click here for reviews of recently completed seminars in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter at @LawSelfDefense and using #LOSD2, on Facebook, and at his blog, The Law of Self Defense.