Could Your Self-Defense Insurance Be Cancelled on You? Yep.

The insurance industry publication Business Insurance reports that Lloyd’s of London affiliates have settled with New York state insurance regulators over its partnering on NRA Carry Guard self-defense insurance.

In addition to paying $5 million, the insurers agreed to not issue insurance policies to cover liability from self-defense shootings. They also agreed to “not enter into any agreement or program with the NRA to underwrite or participate in any affinity-type insurance program involving any line of insurance covering persons or entities whose home state is New York.” In addition, they agreed to cancel existing policies.

Note that last sentence:

In addition, they agreed to cancel existing policies.

I’ve long cautioned that the NRA Carry Guard self-defense “insurance” product should be viewed with extreme caution, if only because it was largely a “reimbursement” type of program. That is, it committed to reimbursing your legal expenses, but only after you were acquitted. Folks, you need that money up front to wage the legal defense that gets you acquitted.

Now it’s clear that another risk associated with the NRA Carry Guard self-defense “insurance” product is that folks who sign up might find that their self-defense “insurance” has been cancelled out from under them. That’s not good.

To be fair, this is not a risk unique to the NRA Carry Guard program—any similar self-defense “insurance” product that is backed by an independent third-party insurance provider may find itself subject to similar kinds of political pressure, and thus its “insured” members may face the same cancelled coverage fate as have the affected NRA Carry Guard members.

That’s one of the reasons that my personal choice for self-defense “insurance” is CCW Safe. The folks at CCW Safe saw these risks coming, and were prescient enough to establish a privately controlled captive insurance entity located offshore from the United States—and thus it is exempt from the political pressures of anti-civil rights and anti-self-defense politicians in the US.

In short, you won’t find your CCW Safe coverage getting cancelled out from under you because some blue-state politician or bureaucrat got their pants in a twist about the prospect of you lawfully using force in defense of yourself or your family.

That said, no single one of these programs are the best fit for everyone, because different people have different needs and circumstances. As a result, CCW Safe may or may not be a good fit for you, and ultimately only you can make that decision.

Should you be considering self-defense “insurance,” however, you’d be doing yourself a service to at least take a look at what CCW Safe has to offer, which you can do here:

If you do decide to sign up as a member of CCW Safe, you can use the discount code LOSD for 10% off your membership cost.


Attorney Andrew F. Branca

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