I'm Quoted in Monkey Dance News Piece

Happy New Year!

Also, yesterday I was quoted in a news article yesterday re: a Monkey Dance that ended in a shooting recently in Florida.

A fistfight between neighboring businesses leads to Charles Cook III punching a man, who in turn shot him. But no arrests were made.

That's not so unusual. What is unusual is this particular reporter spent a considerable time on the phone with me learning the difference between self-defense, stand-your-ground, and self-defense immunity, and I think you can see that reflected in her article.

The full news article is here: ‘Stand your ground’: Boynton brawl leads to gunshot, but no charges

Surveillance video and 911 recordings related to the Monkey Dance can be seen/heard in the video image embedded above (and accessible here).

(NOTE: The article describes me as a "Colorado lawyer." I do live in Colorado, and I am a lawyer, so technically that's correct. I'm barred, however, in Massachusetts.)


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