It's Done: Ohio Adopts Modern Self-Defense Law, Joins 49 Other States

It looks like Ohio’s adoption of modern self-defense law is a done deal, according to Fox News and other sources. They report that the Ohio legislature today overrode Governor Kasich’s veto of the pro-civil-rights bill that sought to adopt the modern practice of placing the burden of proof on self-defense on the prosecution, beyond a reasonable doubt. (Kasich is featured image.)

Prior to this change Ohio was the only state in the nation that chose to place the burden of proof on self-defense on the defendant, by a preponderance of the evidence. Ohio’s prior standard, based on outdated legal practice, meant that two cases with identical facts could be easy acquittals in 49 states that apply the modern burden of proof, and yet an easy conviction in Ohio applying the outdated burden.

Welcome, Ohio, to modern self-defense law!


Attorney Andrew F. Branca

Law of Self Defense LLC

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