Ohio Within Two Votes of Adopting Modern Self-Defense Law

It’s come down to this: Ohio is within two votes of adopting modern self-defense laws, including placing the burden of proof on self-defense on the prosecution to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt (already the law in every other state).

The bill passed the Ohio House and Senate by wide margins, but was vetoed by Governor Kasich (in featured image, above), and the bill now requires a veto override to become law.

According to this report in the Ohio Statehouse News Bureau:

The Senate approved the bill [HB228 implementing these and other modern self-defense laws] by a vote of 19-10, and the House concurred with a vote of 59-22. To override a veto, both chambers would need to swing one more “yes” vote.

Guess we’ll see what happens.


Attorney Andrew F. Branca

Law of Self Defense LLC

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