Will Arkansas Become the 37th Stand-Your-Ground State?

Although it’s often reported that only a minority of somewhat odd (usually “racist”) states can be described as stand-your-ground jurisdictions, in fact the large majority of states do not impose a legal duty to retreat on persons otherwise acting in lawful self-defense.

Several of these have transitioned from duty-to-retreat to stand-your-ground since the hubbub over stand-your-ground that inappropriately arose over the legal doctrine during the trial of George Zimmerman. No state in recent years has moved from stand-your-ground to duty-to-retreat.

Now an Arkansas legislature has filed a bill for consideration in 2019 to make the Natural State the 37th stand-your-ground state, as reported in the Arkansas Times:

Rep. Aaron Pilkington today filed a bill to enact a so-called "stand your ground" law, which would expand the circumstances under which a person could use deadly force in defense of self or others, even if there was an option to exit the situation without resorting to violence. 

Let’s wish them luck!


Attorney Andrew F. Branca

Law of Self Defense LLC

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